Time innovation


HYRADIANCE  is a medically-proven best treatment solution that combined hyaluronic acid that provides moisture to skin with optimized ingredients for skin recovery and revitalization. 




Use of pharmaceutical raw materials approved by the MFDS (Hyaluronic acid, Amino acid, Vitamin, Minerals)
Use of medically proven functional ingredients
Use of non-animal raw materials
Use of safe amino acid based peptides
Produced in state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in compliance with the strict regulations




Improve skin hydration and skin radiance
Regenerate skin cell, and promote ECM synthesis
Anti-wrinkle effect- especially prominent in the eye area
Improve skin tone- improve skin texture by pores shrinkage effect
Pigmentation- relieve dermatitis

Main component

Optimized formula to change skin age

Hyaluronic acid


Keep skin moisturized with ingredients found in skin connective tissue. High molecular weight. High quality. Using high-purity hyaluronic acid. Non-cross-link, non-animal raw materials. Immediately reduces skin wrinkles and reduces wrinkles and improves skin volume. Collagen and elastin production and retention.

5 Peptides


Improve aged cell by stimulating biological activity and growth of skin 




It is a very safe biocompatible material with specific nucleotides cut to a
certain size from DNA extracted from salmon known to have the highest
human compatibility.

Improve skin environment by activating skin regeneration ability.

Normally restores damaged skin due to aging, ultraviolet and irritation of the epidermis and dermis.

Sh-Oligopeptide-5 / Nicotinyl Tripeptide / Sh-Decapeptide-7 / 

Sh-Octapeptide-4(Neuropeptide-1) / Caffeoyl Sh-Decapeptide-9


It is a highly active biomaterial capable of binding to cell receptors and has a very small molecular weight to efficiently penetrate skin barrier and transdermal layer. It is very safe based on the constituents of amino acids.




Powerful antioxidant inhibits skin tissue oxidation.


It is a natural moisturizing factor and strengthens the binding of moisture and cell components along with proteins to protect cells from damage and block water evaporation.

Improves moisturizing power, conditioning, and soothes the skin by external irritation.

17Amino Acid


Stimulates cells to produce more collagen and elastin.

Protects cells from harmful substances and restores damaged cells.

It regulates the acidity and tightens the skin.

Wound healing and enzymatic activity, anti wrinkles,

anti-aging, skin elasticity.

6Vitamins M/I/B1/B3/B5/B6


Stimulates collagen synthesis. Refine the skin surface to make it shiny. Suppress pigmentation, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory effect.



Prevents harmful substances from entering the human body and expels

waste materials to the outside.

Interaction with other minerals, vitamins, hormones.

Wound healing and enzyme activity.