Time innovation


ARTGEN is After care cosmetic which made by searching only necessary component

in stem cell tissue regeneration of the culture fluid.

Role of growth factors


It is a protein with a crucial factor role in the process of promoting cell division and differentiation. 

Main Features


- Promote Division&Vitalization of stem cells

 - Control sebum secretion by controlling stem cells of sebaceous glands

 - Control immunity by communication with related immunity cells of skin depth

 - Control growth hair and pigment by vitalization of related hair stem cells.

 - Synthesize and secretive to collagen of fibroblast

 - Wrinkle reduction & Whitening effect

■ Ideal combination of skin growth factors based on skin regeneration mechanism


  - High concentration recombinant skin growth factors (EGF , FGF, IGF, KGF) are used to promote skin cell regeneration by supplying various growth factors to damaged or aged skin due to internal or external cause.  

■ Functional peptides reduce wrinkles and whitening effects


■ Special manufacturing methods and containers with increased stability


     -In order to prevent denaturation due to storage and distribution and keep the protein active, the freeze-dried powder is put into a separate

special container to be used for the first time.

Fast recovery
after laser

GF Complex keeps the amount of skin growth factor at 20 level


  • Promoting normal division and regeneration of skin cells

  • Improve skin elasticity and moisturizing ability, prevent pigment deposition

  • Improved skin aging and dehydration caused by ultraviolet rays

[1] GF complex : Ideal combination of EGF, bFGF, IGF, KGF-2 and antioxidative enzyme SOD

1) Stem cell activation, promotion of division - Epidermal stem cell activation - Epidermal layer keratinization cell division regulation - Fibroblast cleavage of the dermal layer

2) regulation of sebaceous secretion by regulation of stem cell of sebaceous glands

3) Immune regulation by communication with immune-related cells of epidermal layer

4) hair growth and pigment regulation by stem cell activation

5) Collagen synthesis Promotes collagen synthesis in fibroblasts - Suppression of collagen degradation by inhibition of collagenase activity of dermal layer

[2] Wrinkle reduction and whitening effect of functional peptides


- CTP: promotion of keratinocyte, fibroblast regeneration, promotion of

collagen & glycosaminoglycan synthesis

- PPP: One of the peptides produced by collagen degradation induces

collagen synthesis

- AHP: SNARE complex formation inhibition (botox peptide)

- KVARP: whitening effect through tyrosinase inhibition mechanism

[3] Human Stem Cell

- Conditioned Medium (HSCM): Growth and proliferation of skin fibroblasts as a culture medium of mesenchymal stem cells isolated from human cord blood

- Cell growth: VEGF, KGF-1, KGF-2, bFGF, TGF-b

ARTGEN contains essential growth factors, functional peptides and various nutrients that skin needs, It is a complex solution for home care that helps to regenerate and restore tired skin after treatment.