Medical Device

Technological innovation


Botox is a medicine that is mainly composed of Botulinum toxin A, and Botulinum toxin is a type of protein. Botox procedure includes treatment method that uses these botox injections.

Botulinum Toxin was originally used to treat twitching eyelids by using muscle relaxation effect.

Seeing wrinkles around eyes and forehead reduced after injecting toxin, it started to be applied in

medical procedures. It is now widely used, not only in wrinkle treeatments, but also in cosmetic fields such as square jaw, claves, trapezius muscle.


FILLER is a medical device used for putting the volume into the necessary area. Since it uses the product which stabilizes the hyaluronic acid which is the same as the human body component,
there is almost no rejection of the skin, and since it is absorbed naturally to the human body over time, possible to operate safety procedure . After the procedure, there are no signs of swelling or bruising, so there is an advantage of daily life.

Depending on the main components of the filler, in addition to HA filler, it is divided into PLLA and PCL collagen. Each component has difference in maintenance period.