Raw Material

Challenge & Response

Human Stem Cell 

Human stem cell culture fluid that has been found by high-tech biotechnology corporation, MCCTTBio

Obtain cultivation technology of Xeno-free (exclude protein from animals) and stem cell

Secure safety through cell donor evaluation (Age, Virus Tests, Genetic disease) and cytotoxicity test.

Human Origin-Fat Stem Cell Culture Medium

✔ New functional cosmetic material after years of stem-cell experiment

✔ Determination effect of Wrinkle care , moisturizing , whitening , skin-suppression

✔ Various G.F(growth factor)s contain for skin-health

✔ G.Fs in stem-cell can care and recover damaged tissue for modern people

Feature 01

Nonserum Human Stem cell

(xeno-free) culture tissue composite

for recovery

Feature 02

Various Growth Factors

(Procollagen, Fibronectin,


Feature 03

Followed safety standards about human cell/tissue sulture fluid in “Regulation of cosmetic ingredients designation (NO.2010-99 of Korea Food & Drug Administration)”

Collagen expression of fibroblast

Fibroblast Cell Culture

Fibroblast Cell Culture

Fibroblast Cell Culture

Stem cell treated tissue shows more complicated structure than un-treated one indicate higher density

Detecting thin-long structure of fibroblast meaning stability of expression various G.F

Recovering Skin Barrier

Human Skin(KeraSkin)


Stem Cell Treated

Skin Stem Cell

Basal Cell

Tissue Binding

Result of after 24hrs treated stem-cell on damaged KeraSkin


Detecting P63, Cytokeratin14 (growth factors of epithelium) , CD44(cell-binding) , Filaggrin (maker of skin differentiation) is indicating that Resource of stem-cell can stimulate recovering damaged-tissue

Moisture factor