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Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cell Conditioned Media USC 1994-LS

Cord blood refers to the umbilical cord blood, which is blood from the baby's umbilical cord.

Cord blood is a powerful source of vital energy that makes up all tissues of the human body.

 Cord blood stem cells are the youngest cells that excel in suppressing, regulating, and repairing autoimmune diseases.

 By putting the active ingredient of umbilical cord blood cell culture media into nano-sized liposomes, it is stable even at room temperature.

skin elasticity,


   the skin barrier

Skin regeneration,

promoting wound healing

epidermal regeneration,


anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, promoting immune cells

protecting scalp and hair roots, promoting hair growth process

Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cell Conditioned Media 

double liposome structure




•Completion of the best stem cells with 3 patented technologies

•12-day manufacturing process and strict raw materialization process

•It contains over 89 complex proteins

•Powerful skin regeneration effect with “exosomes”, an optimal skin carrier

•90% dermal components collagen & elastin production

•Nano-sized liposomes stably protect active ingredients even at room temperature