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Water-soluble Curcumin & Low Molecular Fish Collagen

Golden Nature's Gift

Convenient well-being food containing curcumin(turmeric)

✔  4g (80mg) of water-soluble curcumin powder

✔  2g (2000mg) of patented pure water-soluble low-molecular fish collagen

✔  Contains vitamin C that helps collagen synthesis  


Main ingredients 01 

Water-soluble curcumin



It converts Indian curcumin to water-soluble to increase absorption in the body.


The anticancer effect, prevention of dementia, prevention of obesity/diet effect, improvement of immunity, etc.


Main ingredients 02

Low-molecular fish collagen



Fish collagen has a smaller molecular structure than meat collagen, so it is quickly absorbed into the body.

It reduces wrinkles, improves hyaluronic acid levels, increases skin elasticity,

prevents osteoporosis, etc.    


Main ingredients 03

Vitamin C



Vitamin C is an antioxidant that protects the body from free radicals.


Collagen synthesis, antioxidant function, physiological function regulation, essential nutrients, etc.


Unlike fat-soluble curcumin, which does not dissolve immediately in water,

water-soluble curcumin has a higher absorption rate in the body.