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The world's first ultra-high concentration lactobacillus Heat-killed Probiotics

✔  LP Q1, the world’s first ultra-highly concentrated heat-killed probiotic bacteria derived from Kimchi with trillions CFU bacterial cultures.

✔  Outstanding safety, Strengthen immunity, Excellent physiological activity.



Main Features

01 100% Pure Heat-killed Probiotics


- Does not contain any additive to protect bacteria and uses pure bacteria without any filtration concentration Cuomebio’s probiotic is pure heat-killed bacteria with good bacteria cultured and only active ingredients left.

02 Ultra-High Concentration Cultivation Technology


- High concentration culture technique that can culture more than 8 trillion CFU/g (~) and 5 trillion CFU/g (~) made it possible to develop a probiotic product with trillions CFU heat-killed probiotic cultures.

03 Strict quality control


- Our products are produced in advanced manufacturing facilities certified by GMP, HACCP, ISO9001 and ISO14001, and they are delivered to consumers through strict quality control.

04 Thermal stabilization for bacteria preservation


Thermal stabilization to kill bacteria while keeping the strain intact has brought about perfect stability. Heat-killed probiotic bacteria do not require refrigeration.

05 Absolute Safety


- Heat-killed probiotic bacteria are dead bacteria, and therefore can minimize side effects or physical discomforts which may be caused by the specific activity of live bacteria.