Time innovation


​Micro Patch technology that removes weaknesses of a regular syringe


✔ Maximizing efficiency by injecting effective ingredients transepidermally via the micro needle

✔ Hundreds and thousands of micro needles melting when contacted with the moisture on the skin

✔ World's first patent for melting micro needle and commercializing it as cosmetics


skin rejuvenation

and activation


recovery pimple



moisture and elasticity enhancement

Ingredients and Structure of Micro Needle Patch


Adhesion Film (Hydrocolloid)



Degrading bio-compatible ingredients

Basic Ingredients: Trehalose, HA, Na-CMC


Activating Ingredients: Adenosine, retinal, EGF, peptide, collagen, vitamin C, madecassoside, etc.

The mechanism how the micro needle patches work in the skin

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Dermal penetration by Micro Needle Patch                            

The micro needle melts quickly dermally

 when met with moisture / bodily fluid

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All the active ingredients are completely absorbed into the skin and micro needles also completely melt, leaving no residue behind.

Type of Micro Needle Patch

Type 01 Smile Line Patch

Smile line



  • Intensive care for sagging smile lines around the mouth

  • For caring deep smile wrinkles around the mouth

  • Key Ingredients :

  • 1. High-concentration hyaluronic acid

  • 2. Volufiline, natural ingredient for elasticity

  • 3. Low-molecular + four high molecular peptides   



Type 02 Dark line patch

Dark line


  • Intensive care for dark discoloration

  • Relieving dark skin discoloration

  • Vitamin C inside the needle!

  • Key Ingredients :

  • 1. High-concentration hyaluronic acid

  • 2. Tranexamic acid

  • 3. Glutathione


Type 03 Trouble line patch

Trouble line


  • Intensive skin trouble care

  • For relieving skin troubles

  • Fast skin relief, skin barrier enhancement

  • Key Ingredients :

  • 1. High-concentration hyaluronic acid

  • 2. Totarol

  • 3. Phytosphingosine